Why shouldn't I use FTP if I'm using Microsoft FrontPage?

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If you use Microsoft FrontPage to publish your files, you should normally use the built-in FrontPage publishing system. You should not use a separate FTP program, nor should you publish files from FrontPage using a publishing destination beginning with "ftp".

FrontPage relies on a number of small, invisible files (most of which start with the name _vti) existing on your Web site. Using an FTP program can delete or alter these files, preventing the FrontPage server extensions from working properly. Even if you don't think you're deleting the files, some FTP programs will automatically delete any files that exist on the server if you don't have the same files on your own computer.

By the way, this problem is not specific to our servers. Mixing FrontPage and FTP can cause problems on any server, and Microsoft's FrontPage documentation recommends against it.

How do I make sure this problem doesn't happen?

Just be sure you're following the instructions for publishing from FrontPage.

If you only use the FrontPage Publish... command and use a publishing destination beginning with "http", as that page recommends, there is no risk of damaging the invisible files.

What if I've used an FTP program to publish my files?

If you've used an FTP program on a FrontPage-enabled site, you'll probably be okay as long as it hasn't altered or deleted the files and folders beginning with the letters _vti. If it has damaged your site, you'll be able to tell immediately, because special FrontPage features such as counters and feedback forms will no longer work.

If that happens, please contact us and ask us remove the damaged FrontPage server extensions so you can reactivate them.