How do I activate FrontPage Server Extensions?

If you use Microsoft FrontPage to design your Web site, you should use your account management control panel to activate the FrontPage server extensions for your account.

The FrontPage server extensions are what actually make the special FrontPage features work. If you don't activate them for your account, FrontPage features such as the hit counter and feedback forms will not work properly.

If you choose not to activate the FrontPage server extensions, you will lose several capabilities of FrontPage, although other features will still work and you can still use FrontPage to upload files to your Web site via FTP. (For example, Microsoft provides instructions on how to upload files using FTP with FrontPage 2003.)

To activate FrontPage Server Extensions:

  1. Login to the “My Account” control panel (having trouble?)
  2. Click FrontPage Server Extensions
  3. Click Activate FrontPage Server Extensions

After you activate the FrontPage Server Extensions, be sure to read the final page — it explains how to publish your files from within FrontPage. In particular, you should not use FTP to publish files for a site that uses FrontPage server extensions, because it can damage the server extensions. Instead, you should publish the site using FrontPage.

A reminder that FrontPage has been discontinued

Remember that Microsoft discontinued FrontPage in 2006. They no longer make, sell or support it, which means that if you have any problems, you won't be able to get any help with it.

In addition, we plan to remove support for FrontPage Server Extensions in the future.

Because of that, we strongly recommend that you avoid using FrontPage for new Web sites.