Can I use Microsoft FrontPage?

Microsoft FrontPage is a software program used to design and publish Web sites. It allows you to create a Web site in the same way that Microsoft Word allows you to create business letters.

FrontPage also includes a number of special features, such as the ability to upload (publish) your Web site without requiring an FTP program. It has interactive features like hit counters, feedback forms, and discussion groups.

FrontPage has been discontinued by Microsoft

In 2006, FrontPage was discontinued by Microsoft. They no longer sell or support it, and there will be no further bug fixes or enhancements forthcoming. We don't recommend using FrontPage any more, simply because it's not possible to get help with it if you have any trouble.

See our “FrontPage Discontinued” page for more details.

Which versions of FrontPage can be used?

You can use FrontPage 98, FrontPage 2000, FrontPage 2002, or FrontPage 2003 on your computer. That's because we use FrontPage Server Extensions 2002, which is the last version Microsoft released, and it (somewhat confusingly) work with all FrontPage versions from FrontPage 98 to FrontPage 2003.

Keep in mind that FrontPage features work differently depending on what type of server you're connecting to. Our FrontPage 2002 server extensions support the following features:

  • Date / Time
  • Comment
  • Photo Gallery
  • Substitution
  • Include
  • Themes
  • External Web
  • Navigation
  • Page Banner
  • Link Bar, Custom
  • Link Bar, Back / Next
  • Top 10 Lists
  • Save Form Results (E-mail, File)
  • Reports
  • Search Form and Table of Contents options for various template wizards
  • User Registration template
  • Database Results
  • Save Results to Database
  • Search Current Web
  • Hit Counter
  • Include Page Based on Schedule
  • Include Picture Based on Schedule
  • Table of Contents
  • Visual InterDev Navigation Bar
  • Table of Contents template
  • Remote Web Site view
  • Connect to remote sites
  • Publish to FTP servers (but not WebDAV servers)

The following FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions features are not supported:

  • Lists
  • Document libraries
  • Discussion
  • Survey
  • Modify rules for document libraries
  • Rules customization in the Document Libraries Wizard
  • Data Source Catalog task pane
  • Data View Details task pane
  • Data View Conditional Formatting
  • Web Part Gallery task pane
  • Data Source Catalog
  • XML Support
  • Web Packages
  • Export & Import Web Packages
  • Customize data views
  • Data Source Details view
  • Data View Web Part
  • Data View styles
  • Web Parts pages and zones
  • Publish to DAV servers

In addition, due to a bug in the FrontPage server software supplied by Microsoft, the "Usage" feature of FrontPage 2002 and 2003 does not work on Linux servers like ours.

Do you support "advanced FrontPage hosting"?

We don't offer "advanced FrontPage hosting", which would allow you to connect your Web site to a database from within FrontPage. Not many people need "advanced FrontPage hosting" with the extra database features; if you're not sure whether you need it or not, you almost certainly don't — our basic FrontPage hosting will be fine.

If you have other questions about using FrontPage, the following Microsoft Web pages may be useful: