Can Tiger Technologies copy my existing WordPress site from another web host?

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We have instructions explaining how you can copy a WordPress site between servers yourself, but many customers ask if we can move a site from or to unrelated servers for them.

We do offer WordPress migration services. Our Basic Hosting, Plus Hosting, or Business Hosting plans include a free migration of one website when you sign up. (It’s also available as a one-time separate fee of $50 per website for customers on Add-On Hosting, or who need more than one migration). This includes the full migration of an existing WordPress site to our servers with minimal downtime, including any configuration changes needed to make the site operable on our servers as well.

Note that this service only migrates the existing site: it doesn’t mean that we manage your WordPress site on an ongoing basis. This option is recommended only if you want to manage your own WordPress site (as most people do).


To do this, we need an administrative WordPress account login for the existing site.

Tip: Use a temporary password.

We’d rather not know your permanent password, so when you send us login information, it’s best to create a separate user with a different random password for us if the other company allows it, or to first temporarily change your password to a random one that you can change back later. If creating a separate user for us, use the email address

In addition:

Ready to get started?

Just contact us if you’d like us to transfer an existing site. When contacting us, be sure to include the WordPress administrative login details as described above. Note that you should allow at least one business day for the transfer to complete.