Can I reject messages sent to a certain address at my domain name?

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If you have a certain email address that you do not wish to accept mail for, you can disable that address. This is particularly useful if you receive a lot of spam at an address you no longer want to use.

Deleting the address

If you don’t have the catch-all address turned on, then you’re getting mail at this address because it was added using your account management control panel. You can simply delete the address in question:

Because the address will no longer exist, messages sent to it will be rejected.

If you are using the catch-all address

If you’re using the catch-all address, the instructions above won’t be sufficient, because the catch-all address will continue to accept messages sent to addresses that don’t exist.

If possible, we recommend deleting the catch-all address completely. Using it almost guarantees that you’ll receive more spam. But if that’s not possible, a little trick will help: you can create a forwarding address to, which is a special value that tells our servers to reject the message.

To do that, first follow the instructions above to delete the address if it appears in the "POP/IMAP/Webmail Mailboxes" or "Forwarding Addresses" sections of the control panel.


  • Click Add Forwarding Address to create a new forwarding address for the address you no longer want to use
  • Specify the destination address as

Any messages sent to that address will be automatically rejected (if they come from outside of our network) or discarded (if they’re sent from inside our network). You’ll never see them (and there is no way for us to retrieve them, so be sure you really want to do this).