How do I make Outlook show all folders that are on the server?

We sometimes hear from customers that the Microsoft Outlook email program doesn’t show them all of the mail folders that are on the server — that is, it doesn’t show all the folders visible in webmail.

This usually happens if Outlook thinks it’s not “subscribed” to a folder. To fix this, make sure that the Inbox of the address you want to fix is selected, then:

  1. Click the Outlook Folder tab
  2. Click the IMAP Folders button
  3. Uncheck the When displaying hierarchy in Outlook, show only subscribed folders checkbox
  4. Click OK to save the changes.

That will make Outlook show you all the server folders.

This screenshot shows the steps:

Showing all folders in Outlook
Not seeing the “IMAP Folders” button in the Folder tab? You probably need to click the Inbox of the address in the left column to make “IMAP Folders” appear.

Note that if you prefer, you can instead click the Query button in the “IMAP Folders” window and subscribe to folders individually.