How can I read mail using the Android Gmail app?

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The Android Gmail app allows you to read mail from other addresses, not just Gmail addresses.

This page explains how to set up the Android Gmail app to read mail for an address like hosted on our servers. It assumes you already have an existing address (such as a Gmail address) in the app, and that you’re adding a second IMAP address.

(Note that these instructions for the Android Gmail app are different from the instructions for adding an email address to the built-in Android email app or for the Outlook app on Android.)

1. Open the Gmail app

Open the Gmail app on your Android phone.

2. Open the “Add Account” screen

Tap your avatar icon in the top-right corner:

Gmail Android avatar icon

Then tap Add another account:

Gmail Android Add Another Account

3. Choose the “Other” account type

Tap the Other icon:

Gmail Android Other type

4. Enter your email address

In the “Enter your email” space, type

Gmail Android email address

Then tap NEXT.

5. Choose the “IMAP” account type

Tap Personal (IMAP) when Gmail asks you for the account type:

Gmail Android IMAP type

Then tap NEXT.

6. Enter your password

Type your email password:

Gmail Android password

Then tap NEXT.

7. Enter the Incoming Server Settings

Use these settings:
Password:your email password

It should look like this:

Gmail Android incoming settings

Then tap NEXT.

8. Enter the Outgoing Server Settings

Make sure that Require signin is on, then use the same settings:
Password:your email password

It should look like this:

Gmail Android outgoing settings

Then tap NEXT until it tells you that the account is set up.

9. Enter your name

The final screen will ask you for an optional account name, and for the name to be “displayed on send messages”. It should work no matter what you put here, but we recommend making the “account name” be Your name to be “displayed on sent messages” should usually just be your full name, like “Eleanor Roosevelt”:

Gmail Android final page

Then tap NEXT again, and you’re finished!