Can Tiger Technologies make minor edits to my Web pages?

Tiger Technologies provides web and email hosting and domain name registration services, but we don’t provide website design or content creation.

That means you’re responsible for generating your own website content (or hiring someone to do it for you). And while we make best-faith efforts to make regular backups, you’re responsible for keeping the primary copy of your files and data. If you want to make changes to a site that was originally uploaded using FTP, for example, you should modify the files, then copy those changes to our servers. If a designer previously did this for you, that person (or a replacement designer) should make the change.

However, at some point you might find yourself in a situation where you urgently need to make a small change to your website but you don’t have an easy way to do it. For example, your original website designer may no longer be in business, and you need the change made before you’re able to hire another one.

For limited cases like this, we offer our paid “FileFix” service. It’s a way you can make minor cosmetic changes to your website, but it’s not a full-fledged design service. If you’re looking for a designer, the “Web Designers” section of our customer list may help — in fact, that’s what we recommend instead of the FileFix service.

What we can fix

Here’s the basics of our FileFix service:

  1. A FileFix consists of either this change:
    • Update contact information (name, address, phone, fax, email address, and/or map link) on up to five pages
    Or any combination of these changes on a single page:
    • Add, modify or remove a single paragraph of text
    • Add, replace or remove an image (you must provide the finished image; we do not provide image editing services)
  2. We can only make changes to pages that are stored as individual HTML files on the server; we can’t make changes to binary-format files (such as Flash files), databases or scripts.
  3. Changes may take up to one business day (which excludes weekends and holidays).
  4. Future revisions of the same data require a separate FileFix purchase.
  5. You must maintain master copies of your website files.
  6. We may discontinue this service at any time.

You should save a copy of your website files from before we edit them, as well as a copy after we edit them, by downloading a backup. You should always keep your own copy of your website files to match the live site.


We’re happy to offer one free FileFix per year to customers on any one of our hosting plans. This is targeted at customers who need a single, one time change (such as updating a phone number, email address, etc.) and don't currently have a web developer.

Afterwards, the price for our FileFix service is $50 for each change. If you need multiple changes, each is charged individually: for example, replacing images on two different pages would be $100 total.

That may seem expensive for a small change to a site, but we want to emphasize that this should not be the first thing you consider. It’s a last-resort service that we offer only to assist customers with emergencies until they can work with their own web designer. We’ll need to carefully examine your files before making a change, just as any web designer would. Professional web designers will charge more than this to make even a small change to a site they aren’t familiar with.

If you would like to use the service, contact us and let us know the exact changes you want us to make, in as much detail as possible.