Do you create the website pages for me?

We handle the technical side of “hosting” your website, but we don’t create the text or graphic design of the pages that will go on your site or maintain website scripts for you. In other words, the content is up to you.

The easiest way to create your site is by using WordPress. You can also use a free web design program such as Microsoft Expression Web. It’s even possible to create HTML files using a text editor, such as Notepad, if you’re interested in learning how HTML works.

Alternately, you could hire a web designer/developer to create and maintain your site. If you’re looking for a web designer, you might want to view the “Web Designers” section of our customer list — you’ll find links to their services on that page. All the designers listed there are customers of Tiger Technologies themselves, so they’re familiar with how our services work.

A volunteer used to manage our website, but they’re no longer available. Can you help?

This is a difficult situation that particularly seems to happen with small nonprofit groups. In most cases, sites don’t need much technical attention beyond an occasional “click to upgrade WordPress” type of action. But we do hear of cases where someone installs fairly complicated scripts on the site that require ongoing maintenance, then stops being able to upgrade and maintain them.

In cases like this, you do need to find another person to manage it, because this isn’t something that we (or other hosting companies) do.

There are many people you can hire to manage your site, of course (see above). But they’ll charge for their services, which is difficult if someone was previously donating their work for free. Website management is a professional skill like many others, and this situation is similar to where an accountant was doing your group’s taxes for free as a favor, but is no longer available. In that situation, you’d have to either find another volunteer with the same skills, or hire someone. (Alternately, you could perhaps change your site to use only simpler scripts, such as WordPress, that requires little ongoing technical management.)