How can I copy my website from the server to my computer using Dreamweaver?

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If you use Dreamweaver to manage your website, but you no longer have a copy of the files on your own computer (because you've switched to a new computer or lost the files somehow), you can copy them from our servers back to your own computer.

To do this, make sure you have created a new site in Dreamweaver, then follow the instructions below.

1. Open the Synchronize Files window

Click Site, then Synchronize Sitewide.

screen shot

2. Choose the option to copy files from the server

Under "Direction", choose Get newer files from remote. This copies files from our servers to your computer. Since there are no existing files on your computer, every file will be copied.

Click Preview to continue.

screen shot

3. Confirm the transfer

A preview box appears, listing the files to be copied to your computer. Click OK to continue with the transfer.

screen shot

You should now have a copy of your website on your computer.