Yahoo! Mail

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This page explains how you can use the Yahoo! Mail website to read mail sent to a POP mailbox that you've created. These instructions are for the new Yahoo! Mail interface, not the older ("classic") interface.

  1. Login to Yahoo! Mail
  2. Click Options and select More Options
  3. Click Accounts
  4. Click the Add Account link
  5. Enter an account name, such as (you can actually choose any display name you wish)
  6. Enter your name
  7. Enter your full email address:
  8. For "Username", enter:
  9. For "Password", enter your email password
  10. For "Server", enter:
  11. Click Show advanced options
  12. Make sure Use SSL is unchecked
  13. Make sure Use Filters is unchecked
  14. Make sure Override default POP port is unchecked
  15. Uncheck the box for Retrieve new messages only
  16. Make sure Leave mail on POP server is checked
  17. Click Save Changes along the top of the settings area

Yahoo! will probably send a confirmation message to your email address ( Click on the link in that message in order to confirm this new setup.

Note: In order to force Yahoo! to pick up the email sitting in your mailbox, you may need to click on the down arrow next to "Check Mail" and select Check all accounts.


If you see an error message saying the POP server "does not support the LAST command", that's because the Retrieve new messages only checkbox is still checked. Go back and uncheck it to fix this.