How do I use my own domain name with Wix? is a service that allows you to create free websites using special design tools. Some people may want to use this service as an alternative to building their site using WordPress or by hand.

Wix doesn't allow you to save the website you create and host it on different servers. Instead, they host the files on their servers using an address like — unless you upgrade to their paid “Premium” plan, which then displays your website using your own domain name (like The rest of this page explains how to set that up by “pointing” your domain name at their servers.

Configure Wix to recognize your domain name

If you use your own domain name with Wix, The first thing you need to do is to tell them what your domain name is. Follow these instructions on their website to tell Wix your domain name and connect it to your Wix website.

Configure Wix to point email traffic at Tiger Tech servers

Wix supports two different ways to connect your domain name with the website that you created at Wix: by using the Wix nameservers, or by using our nameservers (which Wix calls “pointing”).

Wix recommends using their DNS nameservers (when using their “Premium” plan), which directs all Web and email traffic to their servers by default. If you have email service with us as part of a hosting package, you will want to make sure email continues to be sent to our servers (instead of being directed to the Wix servers, which reject all mail).

Therefore, if you are using the Wix nameservers and want to continue email service with us, you should add our custom DNS “MX” records to the Wix control panel.

In some cases, Wix does this themselves. If you see the following three entries in the Wix control panel, it's already been taken care of:  10  10  20

If they don’t have those already listed, you should add them.

In addition, you should add a TXT record to help improve mail delivery rates. Also, if you will be using Mailman mailing lists then you need to add two CNAME records. Please see our separate instructions on how to add these records.

Updating the DNS nameservers to direct your domain name to Wix

Once you have configured your domain at Wix as described in the steps above, you can update the nameservers through the account control panel. To do so:

  • Login to our “My Account” control panel (having trouble?)
  • Click Domain Name Options
  • Click Manage DNS Nameservers

You'll be able to update the DNS nameservers to direct your domain name to Wix.

Having trouble?

If you have any trouble, or you are uncomfortable with these instructions, you can contact us and we'll be glad to do it for you. Be sure to forward to us a copy of any setup instructions provided by Wix, as well as your Wix login email address and password.