Windows 10 Mail

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Follow the instructions below to set up the Windows 10 “Mail” program to send and receive email for a mailbox that you’ve created.

1. Start Mail

Start the Windows 10 Mail program by clicking the “Mail” tile from the Start button:

Windows 10 Mail tile

2. Find the “Add account” button

If you’ve never added an account to Windows 10 Mail before, you’ll see an “Add account” button, and you can skip to step 3.

If you already have an account, you’ll need to get to the settings panel. Click the three-line menu button in the top left:

Windows 10 Mail three-line menu

Then click the “gear” icon in the bottom left:

WIndows 10 Mail gear icon

Then click Accounts under “Settings” on the right:

Windows 10 Mail Settings / Accounts

3. Click “Add account”

Click the Add account button:

Windows 10 Mail Add account button

4. Choose “Advanced Setup”

When the “Choose an account” panel appears, click Advanced Setup (you may need to scroll down to see this option):

Windows 10 Mail Choose an account

(Don’t choose “Other account POP, IMAP” — it won’t work. You need “Advanced setup”.)

5. Choose the “Internet email” type

Windows 10 Mail will ask you what kind of account you want to setup. Click Internet email:

Windows 10 Mail advanced account type

6. Enter your mail settings

You’ll see the “Internet email account” settings window. Enter these settings:

Email address:your email address
User name:your email address
Password:your email password
Account name:your email address
Send your messages using this name:your real name (what other people see as the “From” name)
Incoming email
Account type:IMAP4
User name:your email address (all lowercase)
Outgoing (SMTP) email

Leave all four boxes checked. It should look like this:

Windows Mail setup

Then click Sign-in.

You’re finished!

Windows 10 Mail should tell you that you’re “all done”:

Windows 10 Mail all done

Click the Done button.

You may then see a box with a Ready to go button: if so, click it to start using mail.