How do I use my own domain name with TypePad?

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TypePad is a website which lets you create your own blogs.

Each TypePad account has a name (or "blog address") consisting of a word that you choose (such as myblog) followed by When people want to see your blog, they enter your blog address (such as into their Web browser.

If you have a TypePad Plus or TypePad Pro account, then you can take advantage of TypePad "Domain Mapping", which allows people to visit your blog via your own domain name rather than via the address. For example, users could view your blog at

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If you have a Web hosting account

If you have a TypePad blog in addition to your website, then you will probably want to use a sub-domain name for your blog. For example, you might want to use the address

If you do not have any website content other than your blog, then you might want to use your main domain name for your blog. For example, you could have both and be used for your blog.

In either case, you will still be able to use your email with your domain name.

If you only have a domain name but no Web hosting

If you have signed up for our domain name-only plan, then you will probably want to use and for accessing your blog. You may also want to use a different sub-domain address such as (instead of using It's really a matter of personal preference.

In addition, you of course will not have any email addresses for your domain name since email service is not included as part of our domain name-only plans.

How to set up Domain Mapping

First, be sure to follow the TypePad online instructions for setting up domain mapping.

When you reach step 2, you will need to send us an email and request that we set up domain name mapping for your account. You can send us a message like the one shown below. Of course, be sure to delete any of the three suggested domain names which you do not want to have redirected to your blog.

My domain name is
My TypePad blog is

Please configure the following URLs to redirect to my blog:

After sending us the request, you can complete the rest of the TypePad instructions (resuming with the Activate the mapping in TypePad section).

Technical notes

Here is how we set up domain name mapping.

  1. We configure our internal systems to redirect to
  2. We create a CNAME record which points to
  3. We create a CNAME record which points (or any other name as desired) to