How do I configure the Junk Mail Controls in Thunderbird?

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Thunderbird has several ways to detect "junk mail". It's easy to use: just turn the feature on, then "train" it to identify those messages that are "junk".

This page explains how to use this feature.

1. Open the "Junk Mail Controls" window

Start Thunderbird and click Tools, then Junk Mail Controls:

screen shot

2. Choose the Mail Account

Use the menu next to "Configure Junk Settings for" to select the mail account to be filtered.

Click the Adaptive Filter tab and make sure Enable adaptive junk mail detection is checked:

screen shot

3. Specify the action for Junk Mail

Switch back to the Settings tab.

You can choose various actions and destinations for messages Thunderbird flags as junk. For example, to move messages into the junk mail folder, check the Move incoming messages determined to be junk mail to: box, then choose the Junk folder:

screen shot

4. Training Thunderbird

To "train" Thunderbird, you need to tell it which messages are junk. To do this, right click on a junk message and choose Mark and As Junk:

screen shot

If Thunderbird incorrectly marks a message as junk, view the message and press the This is Not Junk button.

screen shot

That's all it takes to train Thunderbird to filter unwanted mail to a special folder.