Can I see some testimonials or reviews of your service?

We’re often asked if we can point potential customers to reviews or unsolicited testimonials of our service.

We generally encourage people to do their own searches for “” on the Internet — we're proud of our reputation and have nothing to hide. This link searches Google for our company, excluding our own site, so that's a good start.

We should also mention that all the testimonials you see on our home page are unsolicited and uncompensated (you'll see lots of them if you reload the page repeatedly).

Twitter comments

Twitter is one of the best sources of reviews about any company. (Follow @TigerTech on Twitter!) Here are some of our favorites — again, they’re all unsolicited and uncompensated:

  • “SEJ, Search Engine Land and Matt Cutts all use the same AWESOME web hosting company” (link)
  • “ is the webhost that has served me well for years. Affordable & great customer service” (link)
  • “I recommend TigerTech — the only webhost you'll ever need :)” (link)
  • “low cost decent web host? easy. tigertech once you go tiger tech, you never go back” (link)
  • “Tiger Technologies-- Flawless service, professional setup, swift, excellent customer service, and low price.” (link)
  • “my followfriday goes out the fine folks at TigerTech that keep our sites speedy w/their rock solid hosting & killer support” (link)
  • “The support at rocks! Kudos for being on the ball guys!” (link)
  • “if you need another web hosting service, try they're fantastic and really good value” (link)
  • “I've had very good success with Very responsive support.” (link)
  • “ is the absolute best. Cheap; awesome service” (link)
  • “I can highly recommend TigerTech. Big fan since switching over last year. Check them out” (link)
  • “I recommend Magnificent CS & so much info on pages I seldom use it. Good prices too.” (link)
  • “I am big fan of Tigertech. They've been easy to work with over the past several years and are very non-nerd friendly.” (link)
  • “Tigertech. Unlimited bandwidth, and amazing support. Never looked back.” (link)
  • “shift to TigerTech — you've never have problems again” (link)
  • “Hosting. I've used for years now. Good people.” (link)
  • “we LOVE TigerTech as a host. Can't overstate” (link)
  • “Big shoutout to host TigerTech ( who fixed a huge problem I created. They are way awesome!” (link)
  • “FM uses Tiger ( and is very happy with them.” (link)
  • “go to and don't look back.” (link)
  • “Tigertech is the best, they host some great websites — searchengineland, sphinn, mattcutts go for them” (link)
  • “We've had excellent hosting with TigerTech.” (link)
  • “I highly recommend Been with them for over 5 years now and they're nothing but wonderful.” (link)
  • “Wow. Tiger Tech hosting is like a billion times faster than Godaddy hosting.” (link)
  • “I use TigerTech. Was suggested by a trusted friend; very happy with it.” (link)
  • “I'm moving stuff to tigertech; having real good service there.” (link)
  • “TigerTech Is The Best Webhost” (link)
  • “Also check out for Dada Mail hosting. We've had great success with our own installations!” (link)
  • “Use Your Godaddy problems will go away. :)” (link)
  • “I love @TigerTech Their customer service is always so quick and helpful!” (link)
  • “I love — cheap,awesome support, no stupid rules, shell access, fast.” (link)
  • “have to say that I'm glad @TigerTech was recommended to me. Their service has been great so far.” (link)
  • “I continue to be impressed with the fast responses from @tigertech customer support. I recommend them highly.” (link)
  • “Making life easier for Sys Admin and domain/web/email hosting! Thanks @tigertech!” (link)
  • “I love @TigerTech because they have great customer service.” (link)
  • “we're quite happy with our new host provider, @tigertech. site feels snappier now” (link)
  • “I rarely make reco's on web hosts, But Tigertech rocks cuz their customer service rocks! Efficient & they know their stuff.” (link)
  • “Best web host-had for years customer service phenomenal.” (link)
  • “I'm making some website changes and have received the best service/help from my hosting company @TigerTech! They rock!!” (link)
  • “Try @TigerTech. We've been with them for a few years now, and we love therm, Excellent customer service too.” (link)
  • “Yep I luv tigertech” (link)
  • “I've been using Tiger Tech as my web host for over five years now. Very happy with them” (link)

Thanks, everyone — we love our customers, too!

If you search Twitter yourself (which we encourage you to do), we want to point out that some of the tweets mentioning “TigerTech” are actually about the unrelated University of Missouri bookstore computer center of the same name. So if you see Tweets from around Columbia, Missouri — or references to “UMB”, “Mizzou”, “bookstore”, computer or iPod repairs, and so on, that’s not us.