Why does Google Search Console say that my SSL certificate does not include my domain name?

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Occasionally customers who use Google Search Console (formerly known as “Webmaster Tools”) get an email message saying something like this:

“Google has detected that the current SSL/TLS certificate used on https://example.com/ does not include https://example.com/ domain name. This means that your website is not perceived as secure by some browsers.”

If you get this message within a day or two of adding an SSL certificate to your site, it’s probably an incorrect warning that’s happening because Google’s indexer is slightly out-of-date. Google checked your site before the SSL certificate was added and didn’t check it again before sending the message.

You can test your website using the independent SSLShopper SSL checker page. It should say “The hostname (example.com) is correctly listed in the certificate”. If it does, and you added the SSL certificate to your site within the last day or two, you should ignore the Google warning — it’s not a real problem, and they will soon notice that your certificate is okay.