Why do you have restrictions on mail I can send when I'm paying you?

First of all, we don't think the rules of our mailing list policy are that difficult to follow. Even if you don't use automated software to handle address verification and record keeping, the main thing we're asking you to do is just this:

Before you add an address to a mailing list, get the person at that address to send you a quick reply confirming that you have the correct address and that he or she does want to be on the list. When you get that reply, keep it in case you're ever accused of spamming.

That's all there is to it — it's just good common sense, really.

But even if you do find that to be burdensome, there's still a good reason to live with it. You're paying us to reliably deliver your list messages, and our policies make sure we can do that. They vastly improve the odds that other organizations will accept mail from our servers.

You could probably find another company that lets you send mail without verifying the addresses, for example (although it's getting much, much harder — every reputable company we know of now requires it), but then other ISPs will reject some of your mail because of complaints they've received about that company.

So even if you find it's extra work to live with our policies, it's worth it, because you'll get what you pay for: we'll deliver all your mail. We think that's much better than the alternative.