SimpleHelp Remote Control

This page is obsolete.

It describes an older method of remote control. In most cases, we’ll ask you to use our newer remote control instructions instead.

Sometimes, it’s useful for Tiger Technologies support staff to be able to view or control your screen (with your permission, of course). If we’ve asked you to do so, click this link:

Allow Tiger Technologies to view and control my computer

You’ll see a page with a button saying Download Remote Support. Click that button to download and run the remote support application.

On a Windows computer, you’ll simply run the program when your browser asks.

On a Mac, the program will download a “.dmg” disk image file which you’ll open to make a new window appear. In the new window, you’ll see an application called “Remote” that you open. (If you don’t see it, open any Finder window and click “Support” in the sidebar under “DEVICES”.) You don’t need to install the app in your computer’s Applications folder if you don’t want to.

Your computer may ask:

  • If it’s okay to run a program;
  • If it’s okay for your firewall to allow access; and/or
  • If it’s okay for the program to make changes to your computer’s hard disk.

These are all safe with this program, and you should allow the connections and changes.

Potential problems

If you get an error message saying it was unable to download things properly, try again. It usually works if you retry.