How can I let Tiger Technologies view or control my computer?

Sometimes, it’s useful for Tiger Technologies support staff to be able to view or control your screen (with your permission, of course). If we’ve asked you to do so, click one of these links:

Remote control for Windows computers

This will download a program called “Tigertech-Remote-Control.exe” that you should run (or save and run if your browser only offers a “save” option).

Remote control for macOS computers

This will download a “.dmg” disk image file that you should open. In the new window that appears, you’ll see an application called “Tigertech Remote”. Open that application.

Running the app

It may take up to 60 seconds after opening the app before a window appears, and you may see a “spinning beach ball cursor” or similar. This is normal; be patient.

Your computer may ask:

  • If it’s okay to run a program;
  • If it’s okay for your firewall to allow access; and/or
  • If it’s okay for the program to make changes to your computer’s hard disk.

These are all safe with this program, and you should allow the connections and changes.

Telling us the address

After a short while, a window should appear that looks like this:

AnyDesk image

Just tell our staff that 9 digit “AnyDesk-Address”.

On the Mac version, a shortened email address may appear instead of a 9 digit number. If that happens, move the mouse over the shortened email address and let it sit for a moment, and a 9 digit number should appear as an “Alternative AnyDesk Address”.

After you tell us the number, a window will appear on your screen asking for permission to control your computer. You should click to Accept the connection.

After we disconnect

The remote control app does not install anything on your computer, or give anyone permanent access. You can simply exit the app after we disconnect:

  • On Windows computers, right-click on the “AnyDesk” icon(s) in the taskbar and choose Close window
  • On Mac computers, switch to the “AnyDesk” app and choose Exit from the AnyDesk menu

After you do that, nobody (including us) can connect again. You can also delete the app you downloaded if you want to.