phpList Mailing List Software

Our servers are compatible with the phpList mailing list software. Be sure you’ve read our mailing list policy rules before you start sending any mail through phpList or any other mailing list system.

You should be able to install phpList according to the documentation that comes with it.

If your list has more than 200 recipients, you’ll need to follow the phpList instructions for “Mailqueue batch processing” to avoid timeouts.

As it mentions on that page, “If you are manually processing the message queue -i.e. by using your browser- you may want to consider settings that use a small batches and a short batch period, like this one which will send 10 messages and then reload the browser to send the next 10.”

In practice, the simplest way to do this is to remove the “#” comment markers from these two lines in the “config.php” file:

# define("MAILQUEUE_BATCH_SIZE",10);

... so that they look like this:


That's all it takes. If you also modify the numbers there, be sure to observe these two rules:

  • Don’t set the MAILQUEUE_BATCH_PERIOD to more than 200. Doing so may cause timeouts.
  • Don’t set the MAILQUEUE_BATCH_SIZE to more than twice the value of the MAILQUEUE_BATCH_PERIOD. Doing so would cause phpList to exceed our outgoing mail rate limits and place a high load on the server, which can cause your account to be temporarily suspended.