What does the “tigertech.log_outgoing_connections” PHP option do?

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Our copies of PHP 5.6 and later include a feature that logs slow outgoing connections from your scripts.

This can help you troubleshoot a situation where your scripts have suddenly become very slow, which is often caused by something like a WordPress plugin trying to contact a third-party server that is not responding.

By default, it will log outgoing connections that take five seconds or more, as long as they use PHP’s cURL feature (most do). Your site's error log will show something like this:

PHP Warning: curl_exec(): Successful outgoing connection
to 'http://www.example.com/url' took 10 seconds in
/var/www/html/ex/example.com/slow.php on line 123

If you want to suppress these types of messages from your log completely, add this to your site’s php.ini settings:

tigertech.log_outgoing_connections = -1

If you want to change the five second time to something different, set the value to the number of seconds you want to log. For example, this will log any connection taking 15 or more seconds:

tigertech.log_outgoing_connections = 15

And this will log all connections:

tigertech.log_outgoing_connections = 0

... because the “0” in that case means “log any outgoing connection taking at least 0 seconds”, which will be all of them.