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This page explains how to set up the free Pegasus Mail program to send and receive email for a POP mailbox that you've created.

Before you continue, you should enter your email address (the address you want to set up in Pegasus Mail) in the box above. Entering your email address makes sure that the instructions below are correct.

These instructions are based on Pegasus Mail 4.21c for Windows, although other versions are similar.

1. Start the Pegasus Mail program from your Start menu.

When Pegasus Mail opens, click Tools, then Internet Options from the main menu.

screen shot

2. The "Internet Mail Options" window appears.

Click Start Setup Wizard.

screen shot

3. The "Pegasus Mail Internet Setup Wizard" window appears.

Click Next to get started.

screen shot

4. The wizard asks for your email address.

Enter your email address, then click Next. The address must be the email address of the POP mailbox you created in your account management control panel.

screen shot

5. The wizard asks for the address of your POP3 server.

Type as the address of your POP3 server, then click Next.

screen shot

6. The wizard asks for your username and password.

Your "username" is your email address. Type your email address as your username. (The user name must be all lowercase).

Your email password is the one you chose for this email address when you created the mailbox in your account management control panel. (This password may be different from your master account password.)

screen shot

Click Next when you've entered your username and password.

7. You may see a warning about your username.

This window may appear:

screen shot

You should ignore the warning message. Do not delete the "@" sign or the characters following it.

Click OK to continue.

8. The wizard asks for your SMTP settings.

Type as the address of your SMTP server, then click Next.

screen shot

9. The wizard asks for your connection method.

Choose the method you use to connect to the Internet, then click Next.

screen shot

10. The final screen of the wizard appears.

Click Finish.

screen shot

While the wizard has collected the basic information needed to receive email, Pegasus Mail still needs a couple of very important things configured to make sure that you can send mail and that your connection is encrypted. Continue with the steps below to finish setting up Pegasus Mail.

11. Enable secure connections for incoming email.

The Internet Mail Options window should still be open.

Select the Receiving (POP3) tab. Highlight the account you have just created, then click Edit.

screen shot

12. The "Settings for retrieving mail (POP3)" window appears.

Click the Security tab.

Click the Via STLS command button, then click OK.

screen shot

13. Configure outgoing email settings.

The Internet Mail Options window should still be open.

Click the Sending (SMTP) tab, then click Edit.

screen shot

14. The "Settings for sending mail (SMTP)" window appears.

Change the Sever TCP/IP port number to 587. Doing this makes sure that your ISP is will not block connections to our mail servers.

screen shot

15. Enable secure connections for outgoing email.

Select the Security tab, then click the Via STARTTLS button.

Check Login to the SMTP server using a POP3 username/password, then click Select.

screen shot

16. The "POP3 mail download definitions" window appears.

Highlight the account that you are configuring, and click Select

screen shot

This account should then be added to the previous screen as shown below.

screen shot

17. Close the windows.

Click OK to close the Settings for sending mail (SMTP) window and save the settings.

Finally, click OK to close the Internet Mail Options window.

Setup is complete

You're finished! Try sending yourself a test email message to make sure it works.