Do your servers support the "Netpbm", "GD" or "ImageMagick" graphics libraries?

Some Web server scripts that create graphics require certain "graphics libraries" to be preinstalled on the server. These are usually either the Netpbm library, the GD library, or the ImageMagick library.

Our servers support all of these libraries in various ways:

  • Netpbm command-line programs are installed at the standard locations such as "/usr/bin/giftopnm".
  • The underlying libraries are installed for both GD and ImageMagick.
  • GD and ImageMagick are available to Perl scripts via the "GD" and "PerlMagick" modules.
  • GD and ImageMagick are both available for PHP scripts, using the "GD" or "ImageMagick" PHP extensions.
  • ImageMagick is available via the command line as "/usr/bin/convert" and so on.

Remember that our servers are not intended for batch processing of images. If you have a large number of images, you should process them on your own computer then upload the results.