How do I create a MySQL database?

You can easily create MySQL databases in your account management control panel.

To do so:

  1. Login to the “My Account” control panel (having trouble?)
  2. Click MySQL Databases
  3. Click Add Database

You'll be able to choose a user name and password for your MySQL database. Passwords should be between 4 and 16 characters long.

The final screen will show you detailed instructions explaining exactly how to connect to the database you created.

A warning about password security

Never use the same password for MySQL and something else (for example, don't use the same password as your master account password, or your email password, or your online banking password).

That's because you'll probably have to put the MySQL password in a "plain text" configuration file on your website so that your script can find it. If your script has a programming bug ("security vulnerability"), it might be possible for a "hacker" to see that file and read the password.

If the MySQL password is different from your other passwords, the damage that a hacker could do knowing the MySQL password is fairly limited. But if the password is the same as your other passwords, the hacker could use it to cause much more damage.