Why don't my "mailto:" links work?

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One common type of link in a Web page is a “mailto:” link, like this:


The idea behind a “mailto:” link is that your website visitor can click on it to send you an email message.

However, “mailto:” links have a drawback: These kinds of links only work if your visitor has set up an email program and has configured their web browser to use that program to handle “mailto” links. If the visitor has not done so, the “mailto:” link on your site (or on any website) won't do anything when the visitor clicks on it, or may show an error message.

This has nothing to do with your website or our servers. A “mailto:” link simply tells the visitor’s web browser to open the email program on their computer, then fill in the “To:” line with the address in the link. If the visitor has no mail program set up, nothing happens.

Visitors who don't have a default email program configured on their computer can still simply copy-and-paste (or re-type) your email address into their mail programs, and it will work fine.