Mac OS "SND" Files

If you publish Mac OS "SND" files to a server, you'll probably find that they don't work and that your FTP program tells you they're zero bytes in size.

This is because SND files are Mac OS-only files that store the sound data in what's called the "resource fork" of the file. However, the resource fork of a Mac OS file can't be sent to another computer using an FTP program. (This isn't anything to do with our servers; resource forks can't ever be sent via FTP to any server.)

To share the audio data contained in SND files online, you should first convert them to a cross-platform format such as .wav, .au or .aiff.

If you really need to send someone else the exact original SND file, you should compress them using Stuffit before you publish them (doing so creates a cross-platform archive format).