How do I use Kajabi without causing problems with email?

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Kajabi is a service that allows you to create websites using special design tools. Some people may want to use Kajabi as an alternative to building their site using WordPress or by hand.

Kajabi provides instructions to “point” a website at their servers, but those instructions assume you don’t have any existing mail service. If you follow their instructions, it will point the email at their servers, too, which will then bounce all the messages as undeliverable.

To avoid this, you need to tell Kajabi to continue “pointing” the email at our servers.

Configure Kajabi to point email traffic at Tigertech servers

To point your email at our servers using Kajabi, you need to add “DNS records” there. The “DNS Settings” section of this Kajabi help page describes how to do this; what you need to add is an “MX record” that points at MX 0

In addition, you should add other DNS records to help improve mail delivery rates. See our separate instructions on how to add these records yourself.

Contacting Kajabi

If you prefer, another option is to contact Kajabi support for assistance.

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