Can I use the git client software with your Web hosting service?

Our servers have the git version control software client installed. Technically advanced users can use git with any of our hosting plans.

Running the git command (git)

To run git, first login at the command line shell, then type git with the appropriate options. For example:

git help

The most common use of git will be to “fetch” or “clone” copies of other files from remote locations. The recommend commands and URLs involved for this should be provided from the original source of the files.

As an example, the most popular git hosting website provides their own detailed documentation for working with repositories which you can view here. Instructions for files in a Bitbucket hosted repository can be found here.

Do you offer git servers?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer git servers that you can “push” updates to. You’d need to login to the shell and use the git client software to “pull” files from git servers.