How do I upload scripts using Microsoft FrontPage?

If you're using Front Page to publish a CGI script file or PHP file, it will work in most cases (for example, recent versions of FrontPage should take care of most of the details, such as choosing the correct transfer mode, for you).

PHP scripts should not need any changes after uploading.

However, if you're using a Perl script or a precompiled program, be sure to put the script in a folder named "cgi-bin", then publish that folder. Perl scripts and compiled programs won't work from other folders.

You'll also need to make any Perl script or compiled program "executable" after you publish it. You can use our Script Checker page to do so.

What if it doesn't work?

We have heard reports of older versions of FrontPage sometimes not uploading Perl-based scripts in the correct "ASCII" transfer mode. The Script Checker will detect this problem. If it happens to you, the only options to fix it yourself are to either use an FTP program to upload the scripts (being very, very careful not to delete or modify the invisible FrontPage files, especially the ones beginning with "_vti"), or to use a newer version of FrontPage.

If you really get stuck, you can contact us by email with the names of the files that have the wrong mode and we can try and convert the line endings to ASCII for you so that the script works.