Why do you require that I use a third-party email address on your hosting transfer signup form?

When you sign up to transfer your Web hosting to our service, the form will ask you to provide an "administrative contact" email address. This address cannot end with your domain name.

For example, if you're transferring "example.com" to our service, you'll need to use an address that doesn't end with "@example.com". You could use the address your ISP gave you, or use a free address from GMail, AOL, or Hotmail.

Using a different address makes sure we can contact you throughout the transfer process, even if something unusual happens. In particular, it makes sure that we have a way to reach you even if:

The "different address" requirement is only temporary: you can update the address on file with us after the transfer is complete, of course.

We know that using a different address is a little annoying, and we apologize for that. We've helped thousands of people transfer their service over the years, though, and we've found that on balance, requiring a different email address avoids far more problems than it causes.

Returning to the signup form

If you're reading this page because you clicked on a link on our signup form, just click the "Back" button on your browser to return to the form.