Does Tiger Technologies use the "cPanel" brand control panel?

We’re occasionally asked if we use the “cPanel” brand of control panel software to let customers manage their websites.

We don’t use cPanel. Instead, we have our own control panel. Click here to learn more about our control panel or login.

Why not cPanel?

The main reason we don’t use cPanel is that we were in the hosting business before cPanel (or anything similar) existed, and we developed our own proprietary system then instead. Switching to cPanel now would mean converting thousands of customers (with new login locations and so on) without much benefit to most of them.

In addition, we prefer to use software that we completely control, which allows us to take responsibility for the service we provide you. We don’t need to rely on another company to fix any problems (including security problems in the cPanel software — there have been several cases in recent years where flaws in cPanel have allowed “hackers” to take over customer websites at companies using cPanel servers).

We do get occasional comments about this — they tend to run about 50/50 between “I’m so glad you don’t use that horrible cPanel” and “I really wish you used that awesome cPanel”. Those are both reasonable points of view; a lot of it is personal preference and what you have experience with.

If you do specifically want cPanel, because (for example) you have a lot of experience with it, we’re probably not a good choice for you — for better or for worse, it isn’t something that will change in the near future.