What should I do if I have more questions about custom CGI scripts?

Because custom scripts can be complicated, and we don't know how your script is supposed to work, we can't usually provide support for script technical problems unless your question is directly related to our specific server configuration.

Of course, if you have a question about our server setup that isn't covered here, please contact us and we'll do our best to help (and we'll add the answer to these pages, too).

The information below offers some tips on how to solve problems with custom scripts if you're stuck.

Getting help

If you're having trouble with a Perl script, the first thing to do is to use our Script Checker page to make sure there aren't any easily fixed problems with the way you have uploaded it. (The script checker isn't needed for PHP scripts, because they don't need to be uploaded in a special way.)

If that doesn't help, the next step should be to contact the author of the script (or visit the author's website) for help.

If you are creating a custom script yourself but are having programming trouble, there are many sites on the Internet that offer tips and assistance. Your best bet is probably to try searching for the text of the error message you're receiving.