Why did an “annual prepayment” I made not cover a full year of service?

When you choose “annual prepayment”, we charge you in advance for an amount equal to a year’s standard service, which gives you a prepaid credit balance.

We then deduct the discounted monthly fee from the prepaid balance each month. When your balance reaches zero (usually in twelve months), we charge you for another year of standard service.

However, if you sign up for new domain names during the year, or if you switch to a larger plan with a higher price, or if you incur overage fees for using more resources than your plan includes, your prepaid balance will reach zero more quickly. In that case, another prepayment will be due before a year has passed.

(Similarly, if you cancel domain names, downgrade your plan, or receive Referral Rewards, your “annual prepayment” can last for more than 12 months.)

To prevent the “payment not covering a full year” problem from repeatedly happening due to overage fees, you can ask us to upgrade your account to a larger plan when we send you a notice about overages. The next prepayment for standard service will then cost more, but it will last for the full 12 months.