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Experienced Unix users may wish to use the Alpine email program ( a new version of the old Unix “Pine” program) from the command line. This article describes how to set up Alpine to send and receive email for a POP mailbox that you've created.

You should only use Alpine if you are already familiar with it. Alpine is not an appropriate email program for average users, and we do not provide support or assistance for it beyond this page.

Alpine settings

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To get started, login to the Unix shell and run alpine.

Press "S" from the main menu, then "C". Change the first part of the settings to look like this (replacing "John Smith" with your name, of course):

personal-name = John Smith
user-domain   =
smtp-server   =
nntp-server   = <No Value Set>
inbox-path    = {}INBOX

Leave the rest of the main settings at their defaults, then scroll further down the settings and change the customized-hdrs field to:

customized-hdrs = From: "John Smith" <>

Press "E" then "Y" to exit the settings, then press "Q" and "Y" to exit Alpine.

Start Alpine again and you should be able to read incoming mail and send outgoing mail.