How do I copy FrontPage files from the Web server to my computer?

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If you have a computer crash and you lose your own copy of the FrontPage files (or your copy somehow becomes damaged), you can copy them from the server back to your computer's disk.

In other words, this page explains how to do the opposite of publishing files from your computer to the Web server. You shouldn't need to do this unless your disk has crashed and you've lost your own copy of the FrontPage files, or your copy of the files is damaged in some other way.

These instructions are based on Microsoft's knowledgebase articles explaining how to do this for FrontPage 2000, FrontPage 2002, and FrontPage 2003. You may wish to read the appropriate Microsoft article for your version of FrontPage; if you have trouble with this process, please contact Microsoft FrontPage technical support for further assistance.

How to copy the FrontPage server files back to your computer

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