Why do my scripts send email from an address ending with @tigertech.net?

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Some scripts may appear to send email from the address example.com@tigertech.net. This happens if you use a script that sends mail without properly specifying the "Return-Path" address (also called the "envelope sender" address).

A message's Return-Path is separate from the "From:" address. These two addresses are used for different purposes:

  • The Return-Path address is used by mail servers to return "bounced" messages when there is a problem. For technical reasons, the Return-Path address needs to be an address ending with your domain name.
  • The "From:" address is the address that recipients will see and respond to. It can be any email address you want — even an address @aol.com or @gmail.com, for example.

If your script doesn't manually specify the Return-Path address, our system creates one for you by combining your domain name with "@tigertech.net" (such as example.com@tigertech.net). Our mail system will forward any messages sent to example.com@tigertech.net to the administrative contact for the account, ensuring that you receive any bounced messages.

How do I avoid a generic Return-Path address?

If you don't want a "generic" Return-Path, your script can control it when sending an email message: