How can I avoid domain name billing scams?

Domain name owners are occasionally the target of scams designed to prey on the unwary. Be on the lookout for the common scams below:

Fake Offer to Buy Domain Name

A common scam is to send you a fake offer to buy a domain name for an inflated price, then say you have to have it “appraised” for a fee.

"Domain Registry of America" Notices

A company named "Domain Registry of America" is sending misleading "expiration notices" to domain name owners via postal (paper) mail. This company has been cited by the FTC for misleading consumers.

"Domain Renewal Online" Scam

A company calling itself "Domain Renewal Online" is sending misleading renewal notices.

"Internet Listing Service" Scam

A company named "Internet Listing Service" is sending misleading subscription invoices to domain name owners via postal (paper) mail.

Similar Chinese Domain Names Scam

A common scam message sent to domain name owners claims to be from a Chinese domain name registration company.

"DNS Services" Scam

A company named "DNS Services" is sending misleading statements to domain name owners via postal (paper) mail.