Why can't I lower the spam filtering level for some forwarding addresses?

Although we don't recommend it, it is possible to set the spam filtering level to "Low" or "Off" in some cases.

However, if you're forwarding your mail to other companies that track or reject spam (including AOL, Comcast, Gmail, Hotmail, MSN, Outlook, or Yahoo addresses), you'll need to choose the recommended "Standard" spam filtering.

That's because those services will block all forwarded messages, including non-spam messages, if the percentage of spam they receive from us gets too high. If we don't apply strong spam filtering, our servers will send them spam and they'll block other mail from our servers.

If you lower spam filtering for a forwarding address and the other company involved indicates that they reject or track spam from our servers, we’ll automatically increase the filtering level.

If you really want to receive mail with lowered spam filtering, you can set up a mailbox on our servers and deliver your mail there instead. Or technically advanced users may instead prefer to deliver their mail directly to Gmail, for example, bypassing our spam filters entirely.

In addition, spam filtering for a catch-all address is always set to “Standard” filtering, because spammers sometimes try sending thousands of messages to different random addresses in a short time. Using lowered spam filtering for a catch-all address could completely fill up your mailbox. If you want to lower spam filtering for a certain address, add that specific address in the control panel instead of relying on the catch-all.