What services do you offer?

Tiger Technologies offers reliable Web hosting and domain name services.

Web Hosting Services

Our Web hosting services are extremely affordable. You'll be able to create a website with an address like www.example.com, and you'll be able to create memorable, permanent email addresses. You'll never need to tell other people a complicated, forgettable address like jsmith_58714@aol.com again, or tell everyone to update your address when you change your ISP: just create an address like john@example.com and keep it as long as you want.

Each Web hosting account includes a completely free .com, .net or .org domain name. This saves you up to $35.00 per year, and gives you the confidence of dealing with a single company. You know we'll never blame "the domain registration company" for a problem.

Please see Web hosting costs for more information about Web hosting.

Domain Name Services

For customers who need a domain name without our Web hosting service, we also sell domain names separately. You can use this service to reserve ("park") a domain name for future use, to add additional domain names to an existing Web hosting account, or to buy a domain name that another company provides Web hosting service for.

Please see domain registration costs for more information about domain registration.