Does Tiger Technologies still make software programs, including Holiday Lights and DeskFlag?

Tiger Technologies no longer creates, updates, distributes or sells software programs such as Holiday Lights and DeskFlag.

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What has changed?

Tiger Technologies once created well-known software programs like Holiday Lights, DeskFlag, Window Monkey and Menuette.

However, we stopped creating, updating and selling those software programs more than a decade ago. (Our company now focuses on providing Web hosting and domain name services instead.)

Will there be updates to the old programs for compatibility with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Mac OS X?

No. Rewriting the old software for compatibility with newer operating systems would take substantial time and effort, unfortunately. We're sorry about that.

I need my serial number so I can continue using Holiday Lights

If you once paid for Holiday Lights but you've misplaced your serial number, you can use the following instructions. Note that you MUST type Unsupported Free Copy as the name, exactly as shown, for the serial number to be accepted.

Holiday Lights for Windows XP

  1. Make sure the Holiday Lights program is running. If it isn't running, you can use the Start menu to launch Holiday Lights, like any other program.
  2. Click once (not twice) on the bulb icon in the taskbar, next to the clock.
  3. Choose Enter Serial Number from the popup menu that appears.
  4. Type the "name" exactly as shown: Unsupported Free Copy
  5. Type this twelve digit serial number: 576977462156

Holiday Lights for Mac OS 9

  1. Open the Holiday Lights application.
  2. Choose Enter Serial Number from the File menu.
  3. Type the "name" exactly as shown: Unsupported Free Copy
  4. Type this twelve digit serial number: 522606627517

I need to download a program so I can continue using it on Windows XP or Mac OS 9

You can download a copy below. These programs are provided only in the interest of helping previous customers; they are not fully compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Mac OS X and should not be downloaded by new users.

Windows XP

Mac OS 9

What about the Holiday Lights bulb center?

The Holiday Lights add-on bulb center is no longer available, but you can download all the old bulbs in .zip format:

A final note of thanks

We'd like to thank everyone who downloaded our software programs over the years. The continued growth of our Web hosting business has changed our company into something much larger and very different, but some of us still remember the days when someone could say “Wouldn't it be neat if you could put Christmas tree lights around the edge of your computer screen?” and we'd actually have time to do it. We enjoyed it, and we'll miss it.