Do you offer an alternate mail server name that doesn't include ""?

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We’re occasionally asked if we offer an “unbranded” server hostname for use in email program settings instead of the usual “” name.

For example, some people ask if they can use “”.

You can get this to work for non-secure mail connections by adding a custom DNS record. However, we strongly recommend against it for three reasons:

  1. It prevents you from being able to smoothly access your email during a hosting transfer, meaning that the instructions we have on our “E-Mail During Transfers” page won’t work reliably.
  2. If you use non-standard settings, it will make it more difficult for our staff to troubleshoot problems. In particular, if you contact us with any email issues, we’ll ask you to reconfigure your mail program with the standard settings before we go any further.
  3. Most importantly, you won't be able to use secure SSL or TLS email connections, because there won't be a valid “security certificate” for the custom hostname you choose. This means that anyone who can view your network traffic will be able to easily steal your email password.

Because of these three restrictions — particularly the last — we don’t think anyone should do this.

How do I do it anyway?

If you don’t care whether someone steals your email password, and you want to do this anyway, just set up a custom DNS “CNAME” record that points the desired hostname (such as “”) at as the CNAME target. That’s all it takes.