What IP address ranges does Tiger Technologies use?

Most customers do not need the information on this page, and it is not officially supported by Tiger Technologies. It’s only for customers who are doing something very unusual and technical that we don’t recommend.

Customers occasionally ask us what IP addresses our servers use, because they want to do something like “whitelist” connections from those IP addresses on another server for security reasons.

We should first emphasize that IP addresses can and will change without notice, so it’s never a good idea to enter our IP addresses, or anyone else's IP addresses, into other systems.

However, in case you have no choice, our current IP address ranges in CIDR format are:

IPv6: 2604:4f00::/32

Outgoing connections from our servers can originate from any address in these ranges, and customer websites can be assigned to any address in these ranges. (Note that the IP address a site uses for outgoing connections is usually not the same as the IP address used for incoming connections.)

Again, this list will almost certainly change in the future, and you will cause problems for yourself if you use it in any way. Try to avoid it entirely. For example, if you’re considering checking the IP addresses so you can “whitelist” mail, you’d be better off checking the DKIM signatures, which don’t rely on IP addresses.

If you do enter these IP addresses into another system, and that system stops working, you will need to return to this page for the current list.