FrontPage Guestbook Entry Without Referer

If you were directed to this page, you probably tried submitting an entry to a FrontPage guestbook, but you are using some kind of software that prevents your Web browser from sending the "referer" (sic) information.

The "referer" information tells the Web server which page you were visiting before you tried submitting your guestbook entry. Web browsers used by people normally send "referer" information, but most programs used by "spammers" to fill up guestbooks with advertisements don't send the "referer" information.

Because of that, our system blocks guestbook submissions that don't include "referer" information, since these are almost always spam. We try to block this kind of spam because some of our customers reported seeing their guestbooks fill up with hundreds of megabytes of ads for pornography, drugs, and so forth.

If you're seeing this message and you're using a normal Web browser, your computer is probably using privacy settings that prevent the "referer" information from being sent. To submit an entry to this guestbook, you should change the privacy settings on your computer so that your Web browser sends normal "referer" information.