FrontPage Guestbook Entry With HTTP/1.0

If you were directed to this page, you probably tried submitting an entry to a FrontPage guestbook, but you are using software that makes an outdated "HTTP/1.0" connection instead of an "HTTP/1.1" connection.

All Web browsers released since 1997 use HTTP/1.1. Many programs used by "spammers" to fill up guestbooks with advertisements still use HTTP/1.0, though.

Because of that, our system blocks guestbook submissions using HTTP/1.0. These are almost always spam. We try to block this kind of spam because some of our customers reported seeing their guestbooks fill up with hundreds of megabytes of ads for pornography, drugs, and so forth.

If you're seeing this message, your computer is probably using an outdated Web browser, or your ISP is using an outdated "HTTP proxy server". You should update your Web browser or contact your ISP for more information.