"Domain Registry of America" Notices

A company named “Domain Registry of America” (sometimes calling themselves “United States Domain Authority” and other names) is sending misleading "expiration notices" to domain name owners via postal (paper) mail. This company has been cited by the FTC for misleading consumers and has an extremely poor Better Business Bureau rating.

If you receive a domain name "expiration notice" from that company (or from any other company except Tiger Technologies), it is not a renewal notice from us, and you should not pay it. The company is trying to mislead you into sending money to them unnecessarily.

If you are a Tiger Technologies hosting customer with an account in good standing, we will automatically renew your domain name at no extra charge each year. You do not need to pay us or anyone else to renew your hosting domain name.

Even if you're a Tiger Technologies "domain name only" customer and your domain name requires an annual fee, any renewal invoice will clearly show our company name (Tiger Technologies). Any other "expiration notice" is not from us, and you do not need to pay it to renew your domain name.

Sample mailing

Here's a sample of the misleading notices sent by Domain Registry of America. The text of the notice does say that it's not a bill, but it's in small print and easy to miss.

sample Domain Registry of America notice

If you pay this notice by mistake, Domain Registry of America will attempt to transfer your domain name registration from our company to theirs. If the transfer completes, you'll no longer receive free or discounted domain name renewal from us if you're a Web hosting customer.

What you should do

First of all, don't pay this company (or any other company that sends you a renewal notice) unless you want to transfer your domain name from us to them! If you pay them, the fine print gives them permission to transfer your domain name from our service to theirs. If you receive an "invoice" from any company except us, please contact us before paying it — it is almost certainly not an invoice you need to pay.

You should also pass this warning on to your accounting department or person who normally pays your invoices.

Finally, you should file a complaint with the FTC to inform them that Domain Registry of America is still engaging in illegal trading practices — they can't take action unless people who receive the notices complain. You can file a complaint online by clicking this link.

How do they get my address?

Customers often ask if we sell their address to companies like Domain Registry of America. We do not. They usually obtain your postal address from a "Contact" page on your own website.