"Domain Renewal Online" Scam

A company calling itself "Domain Renewal Online" is sending misleading domain name renewal notices by email.

These messages are not from Tiger Technologies, and the other company is not obtaining email addresses from us; they get your email address by looking at contact addresses on your Web pages.

These messages are a scam. If you "renew" your domain name with them, they actually transfer the domain name registration to their company and charge you the exorbitant price of $79.95 per year.

Here is a sample of one of their messages:

Subject: www.example.com 

It is time to renew your domain name www.example.com 


Your domain name www.example.com  will expire within 90 days. 
You may renew your domain automatically with Domain Renewal. Click
on the link in this email to renew the domain for another year.
You should renew your domain as soon as possible in order for it
to continue to be registered in your name.

Click here if you wish to renew your domain
--------> http://www.domainrenewalonline.com/for.php?d=example.com

As soon as we have received your payment, you will receive a
confirmation that your domain has been renewed.


Services and information about Domain Renewal

Domain Renewal maintains domain addresses, and registers and
consults companies in relation to Internet domain ownership. We
inform businesses about which domains are registered, and remind
them if a domain is due to expire, or when it is time to renew a
domain. If you want Domain Renewal to extend the domain for you, we
ask you to click on the link in this email. If you do not wish to
use your domain after the due date for renewal, you may disregard
this email. When Domain Renewal extends your domain no information
will be changed in the "Whois" information section. The domain will
be extended for 1 year. You will therefore continue with your
current supplier. You may also request your Internet Service
Provider to renew the domain for you. If you have any further
questions please do not hesitate to contact our customer service
centre by sending an email to support@domainrenewalonline.com.

What you should do

If you receive one of these notices:

First of all, don't pay this company (or any other company that sends you an unsolicited invoice for domain name renewal).

Secondly, pass this warning on to your accounting department or person who normally pays your invoices, to make sure they aren't taken in by it.

Finally, if you're in the United States, you should file a complaint with the FTC and/or your state's Attorney General by clicking this link.