"DNS Services" Scam

A company named "DNS Services" is sending misleading statements to domain name owners via postal (paper) mail. These statements are designed to look like an invoice for "Managed DNS Backup Business Services", usually for the amount of $65.00. The service they are offering is unnecessary, worthless, and could lead to decreased reliability for your website.

These statements are scams and are not a legitimate bill from Tiger Technologies. This company is not getting your address from us, but rather from contact information you put on your site or some similar public source.

Here’s an example of what the statements look like:

DNS Services Scam Invoice

What you should do

If you receive one of these notices:

First of all, don't pay this company (or any other company that sends you an unsolicited invoice for DNS services).

Secondly, pass this warning on to your accounting department or person who normally pays your invoices, to make sure they aren't taken in by it.

Finally, if you're in the United States, you should file a complaint with the FTC and/or your state's Attorney General by clicking this link.