Why can’t I receive any mail from Constant Contact?

We’ve received several reports where customers tell us that they’re unable to receive any mail sent by the “Constant Contact” mailing list company, and they suspect our spam filters are accidentally blocking the mail.

However, our filters “whitelist” all mail from Constant Contact, and it should not be blocked.

Instead, each time we’ve investigated this problem, it’s turned out that Constant Contact has mistakenly added the customer’s address to their “Global Block List” for some reason (there are other reports on the Internet of the same thing happening).

Confusingly, Constant Contact apparently doesn’t show their customer (the mail sender) the true reason for this. They just say that the message “can't be delivered” or something similar.

If you aren’t getting messages from someone who sends using Constant Contact, feel free to contact us to double-check that we haven’t blocked anything. But we’ll probably find no problem, and in that case, you or the mail sender (i.e., the Constant Contact customer) will need to call or email Constant Contact to get them to “reset” your address.