Should I provide you with a company or organization name?

When you sign up for our service or update your contact information, you'll notice that the Web pages have a space for an optional company or organization name. Whether this space is filled in or not makes a big difference for the legal owner contact (or the administrative contact if there is no separate legal owner listed):

  • If the company or organization name is left blank, the person listed owns the rights to the account and domain name as a private individual.
  • If a company or organization name is entered, the company or organization owns the rights, even if the listed contact person leaves the company or organization. Another authorized representative of the company or organization can have us replace your contact name and email address or change the account password, for example.

If you are acting on behalf of a company or organization, be sure to enter the company or organization name. This gives the company or organization legal rights to the account even if the contact person leaves the organization or becomes unreachable.

By the way, our forms do still require a contact person's name even if you supply a company or organization name. This is simply to ensure we can ask for someone who knows about the account if we need to contact the company.